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Sponsorship donations can be made on-line, by mail, or in person.


All dollars received for Dyllan's Olympic Dream WILL ONLY be used for Dyllan's Skating expenses such as equipment, competition entry fees, Ice time or coaching fees. Corporate appearances are subject to approval by U.S. Figure Skating. Prior to any appearance, an eligible skater's compensation agreement, an ESCA, must be completed and submitted to U.S. Figure Skating for approval. This will protect the skater's eligibility. Corporate sponsorships can be tax deductible if they are considered advertising. Placing logos on the athletes warm up jackets can be considered advertising and this can be a tax deduction when considering it as an expense. For more information on how you can become a personal or corporate sponsor, please contact Brigitte McIntee at 623.332.8056. 

Winter Olympic Games - locations

This may be the first time you've heard of Dyllan McIntee, but she will soon become a household name.  What began as a sport, quickly became her passion and a star was born!

Novice athletes talk about practicing their sport. Serious athletes talk about training.  Dyllan's typical week consists of:

. 18 hours on ice - practice
.   3 hours on ice - lessons
.   2 hours on ice - Ballet
.   2 hours off ice training
.   5 hours off ice stretching
.   4 hours off ice strength training
.   5 hours Pilates
.   2 hours off ice Ballet

It is estimated that the annual cost to maintain this rigorous training schedule is  ~ $30,000 annually.   In her efforts to continue her passion and to accomplish her goals of competing in four Winter Olympic events, beginning with Sochi , Russia - 2014, it is necessary to seek sponsorship assistance to defray some of the expenses associated with this formidable sport.   

For corporate & other skating appearances, endorsements, or PR requests, please contact Brigitte McIntee at  themcintees@cox.net

Figure skating is very expensive. Most figure skaters and their families struggle to pay for skating. This page provides three ways for you to make a tax-deductable donation in the name of Dyllan McIntee to help in her quest to represent the United States as part of the U.S. Figure Skating Team in Sochi, Russia - Feb 7-23 2014.  Dyllan's dedication and hard work has helped her earn more top ranking tiles thus far than most skaters could only dream, to include 2 consecutive Southwest Regional Championship wins, as well as capturing the title of - 2009 U.S. Junior Figure Skating Champion.   


Frozen in Time" Cover Art Designed by Andrea Kupper - Photo of 1961 Team Courtesy of AP Images

It has been said that practice makes permanent, and for Dyllan it is a "Quest for Perfection".


A tragedy shook the figure skating world on Valentine's Day in 1961 when Flight 548, carrying the U.S. Figure Skating Team to the World Championships in Prague, crashed near Brussels, Belgium. All onboard were lost. From this loss arose the U.S. Figure Skating Memorial Fund to benefit all future figure skaters.

The mission of the Memorial Fund is to provide qualified U.S. Figure Skating skaters in need of financial aid with monetary assistance to pursue their goals both inside and outside the competitive arena.


The NEASF is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist competitive amateur skaters. All Regional, Sectional, National and International skaters are eligible for assistance. The mission of the New England Amateur Skating Foundation is to help competitive skaters by defraying some of their ever-increasing expenses. With many skaters in need of support, the Foundation, a tax-exempt organization, offers the opportunity of sponsorship to anyone who would like to help.


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All sponsorship / donations will be payable to NEASF with your recommendation that the funds be allocated to the benefit of Dyllan McIntee who currently resides and skates in Arizona.

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Corporate Sponsorship
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When making your donation you have the option to designate the funds in support of Dyllan McIntee who currently resides and skates in Arizona.